Compliance & Governance

The Egyptian Arab Land Bank is seeking the compliance of all staff with the values, principles, morals and behavioral rules required to achieve the objectives and interests of the Bank and not to participate in any illegitimate activities that breach the law, such as theft, fraud, cheating and money laundering or any breach to the regulations and laws whether directly or indirectly in preservation to its reputation and the reputation of its staff. From this standpoint, all employees upon gaining knowledge of the presence of any illegitimate or unethical acts, fraud or learning of any acts, circumstances or events that may damage the interests of the Bank or its reputation or upon receiving information on any other breach must report it to the Compliance Sector.

The Compliance Sector shall comply with not disclosing the identity of the whistle blower to guarantee encouraging the staff to disclose such violations and report them, and provide protection to the whistle blower; taking into account that the process of whistle blowing is carried out on basis of documents or specified information within the framework of complete confidentiality.

Governance tackles the method adopted by the bank's Board and senior management to guide and oversee its affaires and daily activities, which affect the following:
1. Developing strategies and setting objectives.
2. Defining bank’s risk appetite.
3. Overseeing bank’s daily business activities.
4. Maintaining balance between assuming responsibility towards shareholders and protecting the interests of depositors, taking into consideration the other stakeholders› interests.
5. Ensuring that bank’s business activities are conducted safely and properly within the framework of applicable laws and controls.
6. Following effective disclosure and transparency policies.
Developing an effective governance system is of paramount importance to ensure the proper functioning of the banking sector and the economy as a whole. Banks play a vital role in supporting the national economy by providing funds into businesses and projects which drive economic growth.

In light with our bank’s direction towards innovation by improving the banking services provided to our clients to maintain the current clients and gain their confidence also to reveal any obstacles in the most appropriate and fastest way.
And according Central Bank of Egypt instructions issued on February 19, 2019 regarding protecting the rights of bank customers and setting standards for internal policies and procedures that must be available with banks to ensure that clients obtain their rights at all stages of dealing in terms of:
1. Fairness and transparency in dealing.
2. Maintain the confidentiality of customer data.
3. The existence of an effective mechanism to deal with complaints.
4. Raising the banking awareness of customers to enable them to make sound decisions.
This has a significant impact on enhancing financial inclusion, as protecting customers' rights is one of the main elements to achieve it, as it has an effective role in establishing customer confidence in the banking sector. Accordingly, the Customer Rights Protection Unit was established to examine complaints submitted by customers and dealers with the bank through the channels designated for this within the various sectors and branches of our bank.
How to submit a Complaint:
1- “Complaints Boxes” available within our branches
2- Via E-mail :
3- Via website:
4- Call Center No: 19939