Corporate Credit

Specialization at the Various Sectors & Branches

In order to provide the necessary expertise for each sector independently, the Central Group has been divided into several sub-groups, each specialized in specific sectors of the market and their various branches.

Development Programs

In its endeavor to support the Egyptian economy, Egyptian Arab Land Bank is always striving to provide the best corporate banking services to the active economic entities and companies in the Egyptian market. Egyptian Arab Land Bank has a very strong track record in corporate banking services, dealing with the leading companies in Egypt in different sectors of the economy. The bank has participated in syndicated deals to finance mega infrastructure, Industrial, and development projects across all regions of Egypt. In addition, the bank has succeeded in capturing numerous new clients in bilateral facility deals, providing different types of project financing, Trade Financing, and capital expansions facilities. With its rich experience & strong track record, The bank is always developing its products, systems, & personnel to provide the best banking experience to its existing & new clients.


Energy Sector


Iron and steel

Logistics storage areas

Chemicals sector

Trade Sector

Transport and shipping

Real Estate Development

Building Materials



Structured finance

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