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15 Feb 1880

On February 15, 1880, Khedive Tawfik issued a “Khedival Decree”, for the incorporation of a joint-stock company in the name of the (Egyptian Land Bank), which was concerned at the beginning with the contributing in the development of the agricultural sector, through offering loans to landlords.

The Bank maintained its role throughout the difficult and hard times that Egypt and the whole region underwent. It managed to shoulder its responsibilities and duties at all times and hence deserved its ample reputation and stature.

15 Mar 1946

In its third session, held in March, 1946, the Arab League issued a decree for the incorporation of the (Arab Land Bank), pursuant to the Egyptian Royal Decree, in the name of the (Arab Land Company). The Royal Decree determined the objectives of that Company, to the effect of establishing it in Palestine to support the Palestinians and lend them to purchase agricultural requisites for the reclamation of their lands.

17 Jun 1954

The company was licensed after changing its name to the (Arab Land Bank) by virtue of the Egyptian Republican Decree issued in June 17, 1954.

13 Jun 1999

On June 13, 1999, a Decree was adopted by the Cabinet of Egypt, to the effect of merging the (Egyptian Land Bank) in the (Arab Land Bank). Accordingly, the most enormous and well-established banking entity in Egypt – specialized in the real estate investment field – has emerged, to practice all commercial activities as a comprehensive commercial bank in Jordan & Palestine. The total of the Bank’s assets after mergering reached more than 11 billion Egyptian Pounds (i.e. 3.2 billion US Dollars approximately ). Nowadays, this Arab banking edifice keeps on bestowing its generous services on the Arab economy.,keeping pace with the development of the banking industry through its fifty branches spread all over the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine, in addition to the Bank’s correspondents all over the World.

16 Nov 1999

On November 16, 1999, the General Assembly of the (Arab Land Bank) convened and decided to change the Bank’s name to become the (Egyptian Arab Land Bank) as from 1/1/2000. Therefore, the (Egyptian Arab Land Bank) is nowadays considered the oldest bank in the Arab World. As for its future plans, the Egyptian Arab Land Bank aims at expanding the network of its branches in Palestine, to cover all the Palestinian lands. The Bank’s management is looking forward to re-inaugurate its branches in Jerusalem, closed since 1967, for the service of its people, God willing.